River Pathway, 2019, pastel on paper. (Sold) This was one of the drawings I did for the Elora Plein Air art Festival


Acrylic on canvas board: this was the painting I created during the Elora Plein Air Festival (sold)


This is another painting from the Elora Plein Air festival. It was difficult to paint so quickly when all I wanted to do was spend an hour on each rock. 
Acrylic on canvas (sold)


Plein air painting of the pond at the Fergus Dog Park. Acrylic on canvas paper.

A chalk pastel drawing of a field outside of Elora, Ontario.

A sketch in chalk pastel.

Although I don’t do a lot of abstract, I really love the texture of cold wax. This is a mixture of oil and cold wax on board.


A detail of a larger drawing (soft pastel on paper)
This is the full drawing. I have to go back and fix it — I made Jagtar look like a corpse!

A chalk pastel sketch of a year book photo of one of my students (she gave me her permission)..

This drawing won the “Work on Paper” award at the Insights Art Exhibit, 2015
I took this photo part way through a drawing I completed of Joyce Carol Oates, one of my favourite authors. Below is the finished piece. It’s now a permanent fixture in the Guelph Public Library, (Scotsdale building)


Soft pastel and collage on paper The necklace is made from magazine pages, mostly from the skin of white models. 
Anastasia McEwen
Acrylic on panel

A charcoal drawing I did a long time ago – this is in the Robert McLaughlin Gallery’s Permanent Collection — I just found out it will be in their first on-line art show. I’ll send the link once the show is up.